We would need more talents to join our IdeaCray as helping more people to turn their passion into success, launch their crazy ideas in the digital world, we could not do that without a great team. Therefore, we would like to invite the certain talents and if you are interested in the roles below, please contact us for applying the roles.  

IdeaCray Ambassador

We are going to set up a world-wide digital entrepreneurship training company and we would like to hire ambassador to help us in order to launch the courses and services to the different countries or cities. The duties of Ambassadors are including:
  • Promoting the courses to the local
  • Translating and Assisting local clients to join the live sessions
  • Assisting clients to apply and use our services
  • Community management for the local clients in online groups
We would like to hire local people who are especially in ASEAN and RCEP as well.  

Sales and Marketing Experts

We would like to recruit experts in sales and digital marketing as well to reach more customers in world-wide to allow more people to join our courses or services. We are looking for experts with certain experience and knowledge to assist for digital marketing and promotion as well.   Interested applicants, please forward your curriculum vitae to
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